Thursday, December 28, 2006

Road to Knighthood

November 8, 1999

Office of the Grand MagistryThe Rt. Ex. Chev. Matthew Haines, G.Cd.H.S., H.G.H.S.Religious and Military Order of Knights of the Holy SepulcherDear Rt. Ex. Chev. Matthew Haines, G.Cd.H.S., H.G.H.S.:I have known Dr. Swan for approximately 3 years. We first met at a family reunion in ......, a city in where I was teaching at a University.Dr. Swan later invited me to his residence to view some theoretical papers I had written dealing with culture, health, and systems analyses. My statistical theory for using systems analyses to evaluate health outcomes on a cultural basis was an area of his intellectual and professional interest. Concerning my work, he was very affirming and supportive in its international potential. Charles was always willing to engage in discussion with me when I called. He was friendly, but to the point. He was instructive, but truthful and loyal. Having been recently appraised of the scope of his background I must admit that I find it an honor that such a rare individual with such an extensive profile would take the time to read, to critique and to continually maintain contact while conducting such a busy, pressing agenda. When I think of a gentleman, I think of courtesy, stamina, a willingness to be forthright with the truth, politeness, helpful and assisting. When I think of a gentleman I think of Charles and his noble qualities of honor, respect, courage, loyalty and willingness to serve as a dedicated scholar and mentor. When I think of character, I think of the various dialogs we have engaged in over a period of time that focused on my professional development as a research scientist. Today they have left me with an appreciation for him as a regal man of quest, a man of challenge and service. I have attempted to provide to you some guidance to a most remarkable character. And I am sure this only begins to tell the story of his passion for exactitude, bottomless curiosity for scientific understanding and inquiry. I believe that once you meet Charles you too will see what caliber of man he is, and will find all that I have described and perhaps another realm of talents yet unrevealed to me. If I can be of additional assistance please call.Sincerely,Al Killough, Ph.D.

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